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How to Study for Water Treatment License Exams – Part 7 of 10

Spaced Repetition Using Flashcards

Using flashcards to study for your water treatment and wastewater treatment certification and license exams is an excellent way to learn the subject matter that appears regularly on these tests. This is a time proven method that enables the student to focus his or her study time on material that is likely to be tested on a certification exam.

How to use flashcards

There is a “best way” to use flashcards. Our brains learn things best in small chunks over a period of time. It is not sufficient to run through a set of flash cards once and expect to remember what you learned a few days later (unless you have that photographic memory I talked about earlier). It is best to run through a flash card deck several times with at least a day in between sets. After doing this a few times, leave the flashcards alone for three days and come back to them. Then let them sit for a week and go over them again. By using spaced repetition, your memory of the material will move from your short-term memory to your long-term memory and you will be able to recall the information when you need it…during your test!

Most people don’t take the time or make the effort to use flash cards to their maximum. This one little tip can make a huge difference in your score. The wise person will use this strategy to its full potential and be fully prepared to pass their exam.

Where do I get these flashcards?

Every examination preparation course offered by American Water College has electronic flashcards included as part of the course. You can learn a lot of information by spending a few minutes each day going through these electronic flashcards. Our students have repeatedly told us that the flash cards were a huge help in achieving exam success.


  • Reviewing material after time has passed (spaced repetition) is one of the most effective ways to store information in your memory so it is easily accessed and retrieved when you need it.
  • Flashcards are a simple and effective method of review material at spaced intervals
  • American Water College exam prep courses all have electronic flashcards you can use on your phone, tablet or computer to review for your next water or wastewater treatment certification or licensing exam.