Managing Change and Conflict

ChangeDefined-1024x874The Leadership Training Program for this week is in full swing! Today is day two of class, and students are being given numerous opportunities to practice the leadership principles presented. We believe that group activities and open forum discussions are an essential part of the learning process that help to reinforce the topics covered and lessons learned.

In this ever-evolving industry, it is important to develop the skills to lead your employees and utility through changes in circumstances, whether great changes or small ones. Change is not always a bad thing! Change is sometimes necessary to allow for greater efficiency or better performance for the company, and it is important to understand the nature and necessity of that change. This can present a challenge to any manager. Through our course, students have the opportunity to learn and practice strategies to coach and lead a team through a complex and challenging change situation.

There are times in any workplace where there is conflict. Whether it’s the result of someone’s reaction to change, or simply a matter of clashing personal preferences, conflict is inevitable. The important thing is to minimize the effect and properly manage that conflict to bring about a resolution. These skills can be learned and developed through a proper understanding of emotions and motivations, and communication techniques that can be used to diffuse an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

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