Workforce Development Program



“Development of an integrated knowledge retention strategy will be key to reducing the effect of the changing workforce, assisting a utility in retaining knowledge pertinent to its operations and expertise, and, ultimately, to ensuring a successful future.”  ~Mark Fargo, Management Consultant


American Water College is excited to launch our Workforce Development Program for Water and Wastewater Utilities!


elearningIn order to best manage the workforce as it now exists, utilities and agencies need to focus on training and development. Development capitalizes on employee workplace experience, captures industry knowledge, and aims to reach the organization’s goals of employee training and retention. Training is provided specifically to create competent employees to meet job specific requirements. Organizations across the nation need to focus on developing current employees, and capturing long-term employee knowledge and skills in a manner that will train new employees to perform their jobs in a competent manner.


learningFocusing on development and training will lead to a more competent staff, a larger talent pool to fill positions within the organization, and a career of lifelong learning. When an agency or utility trains their staff in various disciplines and develops their staff to perform beyond their job-specific functions, this will streamline the process when a vacancy is created; your organization will be able to fill most vacancies in-house. Your organization will have a succession plan in place for when employees retire or move on to other goals. Not only will this increase long-term employee retention, Workforce Development Programs will move the water and wastewater industry into the 21st century and allow utilities to stay up to date with technological changes and shifting demographics.


gears.WDPImplementing any new process requires planning. Like any other business plan, succession planning requires taking a hard look at the business to identify its needs and opportunities. Contact American Water College today to see how we can help your organization manage your valuable employee knowledge base, create a utility succession plan, and develop your workforce with a fully customized elearning platform!