Workforce Development – Plugging the Brain Drain


All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. ~Martin Luther King Jr.


learningAt American Water College, we are committed to developing training and services for utilities that will ensure this important work is done “with painstaking excellence.” Our dedication to providing high-quality, cost-effective training options to Water and Wastewater professionals has led us to implement the Workforce Development Program. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to help your utility meet your educational goals. Our general training courses are readily available to provide Certification and Continuing Education training to employees.


eLearning.rubiksA fully customized Workforce Development Program will allow utilities to Cross-Train employees in various plant functions and disciplines, design and deliver Competency Training, as well as maintaining all Compliance Training and records your facility needs. Our elearning platform allows us to document the entire learning process, and records are stored in our online Learning Management System. Once all site-specific training has been developed and is stored in your utility’s customized training platform, this will help “plug the brain drain.”  Employees who have worked for a utility for 10, 20 or even 30 years have valuable knowledge and expertise from their years on the job; when we partner with a Water or Wastewater facility, this valuable on-the-job knowledge and experience can be documented and turned into a training program for new employees, or for employees who are looking to expand their workplace knowledge.


Contact American Water College today via our Plug The Brain Drain webpage, our Facebook page, our Contact Us page, or call our office. We look forward to helping you meet your training goals.