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Practice Exam Prep

How to Study for Water Treatment License Exams – Part 9 of 10

Practice for Test Day

Some people experience “test anxiety” when they enter the room to take their certification exam. One way to overcome or at least minimize this reaction is to practice for the exam.

When I was younger and playing baseball, my coach used to yell to us while we were on the practice field, “You play how you practice!” That is true with sports and it is true with exam preparation. Can you imagine a baseball team who never practiced before their first game? That’s almost unthinkable. But people every year take a shot at a certification exam having not practiced at all.

Simulate Exam Conditions

Everyone taking a certification exam should practice taking a test under exam conditions. This will help you develop a rhythm that you can use on test day. If you never practice and go into the test “cold”, the time pressure of the exam may cause your mind to be clouded. You need to be your sharpest on test day and taking a practice test will help you to relax when it really counts.

Each examination prep course offered by American Water College has a practice test included.


  • You will perform the way you practice when it comes to water and wastewater treatment license exams
  • You should simulate exam conditions and take several practice tests before you sit for the actual exam
  • American Water College exam prep courses have practice tests included to help you prepare