A Reason to be Thankful

thank you

When was the last time someone thanked you for the work you do? Or acknowledged how well you do your job? Or said they appreciated your friendship? How long has it been since you’ve thanked someone else for their efforts?

It’s important to recognize the work and energy that employees pour into their jobs. Encouragement can really go a long way! When a person feels valued and as though they’re a part of a team that appreciates them, their motivation and productivity will increase. This can lead to a happier workforce and a smoother team operation, as well as better team relations and communication.

Take some time today to encourage and thank the people around you. It’ll do you both good to recognize and appreciate everything you have. And who knows? Perhaps the minor effort you put forth today will help bring positive change to your work atmosphere.

We at American Water College are truly thankful for all you do. Spread the thankfulness around, from operations and maintenance to your boss and your boss’s boss!thanks