Management Training Online!

Happy Monday! Last week we focused mainly on our classroom management training events, but did you know that we also offer management training online? We offer three online management training modules for you to complete in your own timeframe and at your own pace! The topics covered in the online training harmonize well with our classroom training; for example, in Module 1, students will cover topics such as Strategic Planning Basics, and The Continuous Improvement Process.


Once you’ve completed all three online modules and the three classroom training events, you may receive a certificate in Effective Utility Management from California State University, Fresno. This additional certification option is provided primarily for students who desire to have university certification in addition to the certification provided by American Water College.


Interested in furthering your career as a Utility Manager? Click HERE for a sneak preview of the online training modules! And as always, we’d love to hear from you! Call our office or send us an email today!skills knowledge development