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Water Distribution | Pipe Joints

Learn about Pipe Joints in the excerpt from our Distribution System Exam review.

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This videos is an overview of different types of joints for different types of pipe material and their uses, including:

Asbestos Cement Pipe

  • Coupling with a rubber ring gasket joints

Ductile Iron Pipe

  • Push0on or Mechanical joints
  • Flanged joints
  • Flexible Ball joints

Concrete Pipe

  • Galvanized steel ring, bell and spigot with a rubber gasket

Plastic (HDPE and PVC) Pipe

  • Heat Fusion joints
  • Solvent weld joints
  • Bell and spigot with a rubber O-ring

Steel Pipe joints

  • mechanical sleeve coupling joints
  • Rubber gasket joints
  • Welded joints
  • Flanged joints
  • Expansion joints

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