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Backwash water Pipeline in Water Treatment Plant

Texas Class C Water System Operator Requirements (part 1)

Public water system operators in Texas who perform process control duties in production or distribution of drinking water must be licensed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  Class C is the second level for Water System Operator licenses in Texas.  In order to get your Class C license,  you must meet the following education and work experience requirements described below.

  • Education: High School diploma or GED.
  • Work Experience: two years of work experience, one of which must be “hands-on”. At least one-half of the work experience must be obtained in the specific field for the license that is requested.

Acceptable Work Experience Substitute

Applicants with a High School diploma or GED may substitute up to two years of experience with college hours or additional TCEQ approved water operator training.

  • 32 semester hours of college or 40 additional hours of approved training for one year of work experience.
  • 16 semester hours of college or 20 additional hours of approved training for six months of work experience.

Note: For laboratory experience to be fully acceptable towards operator licensing, the laboratory must be owned and operated by the public water system and the laboratory personnel must consult on a daily basis with a public water system’s licensed operator personnel.

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