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How to Study for Water Treatment License Exams – Part 4 of 10

Water match is the one subject that most operators struggle with the most.  When you are preparing for your water treatment or wastewater treatment license and certification exams, it pays to make sure you understand the math.


Make Sure You Understand Water Treatment Math

Most of the calls our instructors get from our students center around how to solve water treatment math problems.  We’re happy to help because we know how important it is to master water treatment math if you want to be successful on your license exams.


Water Treatment math can make up to 30% of Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment license and certification exams in some states.  That means if you need 70% to pass the test and you don’t get any of the math questions correct, you need to get 100% of the remaining questions right.


On the other hand, if you get all the water math questions right, you only need to get 57% on the other questions.  The bottom line is if you know your water math, you’ll be much more likely to pass your water treatment certification exam the first time.


Your state exam may have a little less math than the example above, but I think you get my point. If you can’t do the math, your chances of success are slim to none. The take-away truth here is that the single most important subject you can master that will increase your chance for success on a state certification exam is water treatment math.


Five Step Water Math Problem Solving Approach

This is why every American Water College exam prep course includes a simple to follow 5 step approach to solving water and wastewater math problems. By using this easy to follow method, even the most difficult math problems seem to work themselves out. The math portion of our courses start with the basics and moves up through advanced concepts in the higher-level courses.



I hope you’re convinced that it’s in your best interest to be “solid” when it comes to water math. The quickest way to improving your math score is to understand that you can use the units given in the problem to your advantage. In fact, they practically give away the answers if you know how to perform simple unit conversions.  We’ll cover unit conversions in our next post.

At American Water College, we’ve created exam prep courses that make sure you understand water math.  Our students who commit to learning water math and follow our study program have a 99% pass rate nationwide on their exams.  You can enroll in one of our Guaranteed Exam Prep Courses by clicking on the link.


One reason only half of water and wastewater treatment operators pass their state certification exams each year is the failure to understand water math. American Water College has developed a proven exam prep system which includes a simple, five-step water math problem-solving approach you can follow.  You can increase your likelihood of success on your next exam to almost 100% by learning water math and by using either the process outlined in our FREE “How to Prepare to Pass Your Certification Exam” course or by using one of our Guaranteed Exam Prep Courses.