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State Exam Information | California Wastewater Operator Certification

Here’s some helpful info for the Wastewater Operator Certification Exam in the state of California.

For planning and making sure you don’t miss a deadline, please refer to the California Wastewater Exam Schedule Please look at the Examination Requirements to be sure you qualify for the desired exam. When you have decided when you will take the exam, fill out the Application and send it in. Please keep in mind that the application must be received by the deadline.

After you apply, it’s just a matter of studying and preparing to pass. Our Free How To Prepare To Pass your Certification Exam will offer some helpful tips and just takes a minute to set up. Full, grade specific programs can be found on our Exam Review Courses Page.

We recommend starting your studies at least three months before your exam. Our Exam Review Courses are grade specific, and include everything you need to pass your exam the first time. You might also be able to find classroom training put on by other organizations in your area if you would prefer attending a class. However you choose to prepare, it’s a good idea to be familiar the math concepts that you will see on the exam so they won’t be a problem on exam day.


For questions about requirements for the exam, and other operator certification questions, please reference the info below or visit the State Page:

Certifications, Operator-In-Training (OIT), Contract Operators, Exam Waiver (formally Reciprocity):

Debbie Zuccala (916) 341-5639




Jaime Marotte (916) 341-5741