Wastewater Treatment (1467)



The Wastewater Treatment course is intended to provide the necessary training for Texas Wastewater System Operators to competently operate wastewater treatment plants. Topics covered will help the operator to safely operate equipment and handle chemicals during the normal course of his or her job. The importance of wastewater system operators cannot be overstated as they work daily to protect the public’s health and the environment by treating wastewater prior to discharge. It is the highly skilled work of wastewater system operators that ensures that the wastewater collection systems and treatment plants of Texas are well maintained and properly operated to achieve the treatment and regulatory goals and objectives

The curriculum guidance issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in December of 2013 has been followed to ensure this training meets the TCEQ training uniformity standards.

The entirety of this course covers all subject areas listed in the curriculum development guidance issued by the TCEQ for the course Wastewater Treatment.