Basic Water Works Operation (1426)


The Basic Water Operations course is intended to provide the necessary training for Texas Water Initial D license and to prepare operators to competently operate a Class D facility. The importance of water system operators cannot be overstated as they work daily to protect the public’s health by providing clean and safe drinking water to the people of Texas. It is the highly skilled work of water system operators that ensures that the water systems of Texas are well maintained to provide safe drinking water for years into the future.

The curriculum guidance issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in December of 2013 has been followed to ensure this training meets the TCEQ training uniformity standards.

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Included is our Texas Water Operator Exam Prep – D | Online Course. This course will prepare you to pass your D level Texas water treatment operator exam with confidence and get you started on your way to a successful and satisfying career in water treatment.

Course Syllabus