Live Blogging from the California Nevada Section Conference 2012 – Distribution System Water Quality Committee Meeting

Turning Vision Into Action - 2012 CA-NV Spring ConferenceThe meeting was chaired by Kathy Lawson of Golden State Water.  The first item discussed was the work being done to update the section’s Distribution System Flushing Manual.  It has not been updated in more than 30 years.  Joe Guistino, the Superintendent of Operations with Coastside County Water District is heading up this project and is soliciting help from individuals who have experience with unidirectional flushing programs.  If you have a “bona fide” unidirectional flushing program at your water agency, Joe would like to talk to you.  You can email him at

Also in attendance was Peter Martin, VP of North American  Sales with Derceto, who has experience with distribution system modeling.  It looks like he will be a good resource for the committee on this project.

The committee then discussed the abstracts that have been submitted for presentation at the fall conference.  Rick Zimmer with MWH Labs stated that he will contact several Southern California water agencies to solicit abstracts for the fall conference.  These abstracts must be submitted online and are due to Kathy Lawson by April 19th.

Shonnie Cline of the Water Research Foundation (WRF) stated that WRF is committed to five or six presentations at the Fall conference.  The topics will include the Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule as well as Nitrosamine occurrence, precursor formation, treatment and control, and fate of nitrosamines in distribution systems.

The committee meeting was very productive.  I look forward to seeing the results of the diligent work of the Distribution System Water Quality committee members.

For now,

Joe Kerschner
American Water College