Live Blogging from the California Nevada Section Conference 2012- CA Regulatory Update

CDPH LogoDue to limitations in the state budget, Cindy Forbes with CDPH was not able to attend the conference and give her customarily entertaining regulatory update.  Bruce Burton did a wonderful job standing in for Cindy.  He quickly covered five areas.  These include Waterworks Standards,  Stage 2 D/DBP regs, LT1 and LT2 regs, Groundwater Recharge regs, and the coming Chrome VI MCL.

The highlights include:

CDPH is requiring that all new wells be constructed in accordance with AWWA Standard A100-06 which requires a 3 inch annular seal.

The California Stage 2 D/DBP Rule should be approved in the next few months and has no significant changes from the federal rule.  The one exception is that exceeding the chlorite MCL would result in a Tier 1 violation rather than the Tier2 violation in the federal rule.

Senate Bill 918 requires that CDPH develop recycled water reuse criteria by 2013.  Mr. Burton predicted that the department may not meet that deadline, but that they were working diligently to develop the required criteria. He directed us to the CDPH website to review the draft document and to submit comments.  That document can be found HERE.

Finally, he spoke about Chrome VI with its Public Health Goal (PHG) of 0.02 ug/L.  The department is required to set the MCL as close to the NCL as is technically and economically feasible.  Studies are currently underway to make these determinations.  CDPH is working with the City of Glendale to determine the Best Available Treatment Technology (BAT) for Chrome VI.


For now,

Joe Kerschner


American Water College