Certification Exam Tips from American Water College

When preparing to take a wastewater treatment certification exam, a water distribution certification exam or a water treatment certification exam there are a few easy steps you can take to raise your confidence level and improve your test performance. By implementing these simple steps, your study time will be much more productive, and your confidence going in to the test will be significantly higher.


Social MediaPractice Under Exam Conditions

When taking your certification exam, your biggest distraction will be yourself, and possibly your neighbor. You won’t have music, or background noise (your TV or radio), or your cell phone to distract you. When studying for your exam, turn off the cell phone, the music, the radio, the TV and the internet, and focus solely on studying. Screens

When taking a practice test, the same principle applies. The more closely you simulate your exam conditions, the more comfortable you will be during the actual exam. Consistent study habits and consistent practice will produce much better test results.


Do Not Cram!

Studies show that learning is more efficient and your memory is better when you absorb a little bit of information at a time, spaced out over a period of a couple of weeks prior to your exam. Cramming your studies into the week before the test will only stress your brain, and you are more likely to forget what you’ve studied.

PlanPlan your studies during the day time, while your brain is wide awake and fresh. Studying early in the morning or late at night while you’re not fully awake will not be as effective; your brain will retain far more information if you make time during the day to review material and learn new information.

Having a consistent study plan prior to your test is crucial to your success.



Don’t Panic!

One of the most common test problems is the fear factor. In this case, you are your own worst enemy. Take charge of your test-taking anxiety by 1) preparing thoroughly, 2) following a consistent study plan, and 3) focus on the task at hand (studying and taking the test) rather than the outside influences (job promotion or advancement). Panic


Your success ultimately depends on you. At American Water College, we are committed to providing you with courses designed to help prepare you for your certification exams. Our Water Treatment, Distribution and Wastewater Treatment exam prep courses will give you the knowledge base you need to approach your exams with confidence. Contact us for more information today!