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MyWaterCollege Learning Management

What is Learning Management?

In short, it’s assigning and tracking all the courses an operator takes. When this process of assigning and tracking courses is incorporated into one system it’s called a Learning Management System.

Learning Management is one of the most important aspects of training. Even if you don’t have a system dedicated to it, you likely have a process to keep track of past and future training. There are many different methods and systems of tracking and we could go into all of them, but that would be much too long. Instead, we’ll focus on just the Learning Management System, and more specifically, what you can do with MyWaterCollege.

MyWaterCollege is a Learning Management System with Water and Wastewater Utilities in mind. From Compliance Training like I covered last week, to Reports, to Job specific course assignments, Skill testing to evaluate strong and weak points, all of which we will cover later, MyWaterCollege gives you everything you need to have a training program firing on all cylinders.

It’s split into sections to make navigation and controls quick and intuitive.

There are 3 essential functions that all Learning Management Systems will do. Add Users, Create and Assign courses, and View Reports. What sets MyWaterCollege apart is the ease of use and robust features. It also comes with American Water College courses and support for both the Admin and Student accounts. Since we are an organization driven by your success, we provide the high quality support you need to make your training program a success.


MyWaterCollege User Controls
MyWaterCollege User Controls

Users can be added 1 at a time or imported up to 1000. They can be organized by Groups, Branches, Jobs, Audiences, or Skills. Each of these will be used in different situations, and any combination can be used at any time.


MyWaterCollege Course Controls
MyWaterCollege Course Controls

Courses can be managed much the same way as users. Curriculum and Categories are used to group courses either by subject or learning path. Curriculum can be used to designate the courses and order you wish a student to take the class, while the Categories will keep them grouped for quick access by the student. It will also help you organize your course reports.

Courses can also be incorporated into the Groups, Jobs, Branches and so on. This is where the rubber meets the road. Create a Group with all the same course needs, then assign the course to that group and enroll them all at once. Use Jobs to assign required training for a new Job position, or put only the necessary courses into a branch to allow self-enrollment to a limited course catalog.

The possibilities of setup and configuration are designed to have the utmost flexibility to let you decide what works for you and your utility.

Reports and Settings

MyWaterCollege Reports and Settings
MyWaterCollege Reports and Settings

Lastly is the Reports section. These range from System wide reports showing the overall activity, through the User and Course reports, and then all the way to Timeline showing every detail. You can also create custom reports to combine the information you need from several areas into one report.

Every report has a set of filters you can apply which makes looking at Groups or Jobs in the reports really easy. Apply a filter to check on the Students in a specific Branch, or see everyone enrolled in a specific course and what the progress is. These reports can be downloaded and scheduled to be emailed to you regularly if needed.

The important part of this is the ability to find the information you need when you need it. The MyWaterCollege reports make that simple.


To summarize, Learning Management is the combination of Users, Courses, and Reports into one easy to use System. This is almost too summarized since there is so much more than just these three. The combination of features is the most effective method of enhancing performance, training new employees in half the time, and so much more.

We’ll be covering much of this in greater detail over the next couple of months, so stay tuned or start your free trial today to explore it for yourself.