California Grade T1 Water Treatment Operator Exam Prep


Pass your California T1 Water Treatment Operator Certification exam the first time with our guaranteed exam prep system.  Plus, receive a Bonus 12 FREE Contact hours recognized by California for your license renewal.  A $129 value!

Water Treatment Exam Preparation Grade 1

Pass your test the first time! No stress.  No worry. This course will prepare you to pass your entry level water treatment operator exam with confidence and get you started on your way to a successful and satisfying career in water treatment. There are 34 individual lesson modules included in this course.

Water Treatment Review (12 hours)

This course compiles 9 individual lessons into one course to make 12 hours. These 9 lessons are intended to be a review for operators in treatment plant operation. The course breaks down the topics covered into easy to understand concepts and principles. Topics include: Source Water Review, Coagulation and Flocculation Review, Sedimentation Review, Filtration Review,Disinfection Review, Corrosion Control Review, Fluoridation Review, Iron and Manganese, Membrane Technology Review.