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3 Steps to Create a Course

Last week I discussed the importance and the value of adding your own content into an LMS. That is, to develop a training plan for all your systems to capture the institutional knowledge you and your operators have and pass it on in an organized fashion.

The question that would naturally come up next is “how easy is it to add my own content?” You’re busy and don’t have time to learn a new complicated process. The process of creating and adding your own content must be easy, quick, and powerful, otherwise it will never get off the ground.

I have great news for you. Adding content to MyWaterCollege only takes about 3 Steps from nothing to content available online. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Create a course

                It only takes 30 seconds to create a course, give it a title, category (i.e. Onsite Training) and click Add.

Adding a Course
Adding a Course

Step 2: Upload a file

“Click to Create Content” or Drag a file from your computer onto the screen.

I’ll address the two methods of file upload and quickly explain a couple of other options, starting with “click to create content!”

Click to Create Content

This will take you to the screen where you can give your content a name (i.e. Bar Screens), and select from the content options. You can either type or copy/paste words and images directly into our Editor, select H5P editor (H5P content is our interactive options), URL for videos or other webpages, or lastly File which allows you to upload almost any document type you have on your computer.

Uploading Content to MyWaterCollege
Uploading Content to MyWaterCollege

Each of the content types have different uses and we’ll be covering each of them in the coming weeks. For now, just know that each of them has been designed to be simple and straight forward. They all also automatically adjust for all different screen sizes so your content is ready to be viewed on any device.

Drag and drop files on the screen

I personally really like uploading files. Most of us know how to create the content in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, but getting that online was always a struggle. With MyWaterCollege you can upload a Word Document or PowerPoint, or almost any other file and it will convert it to a web compatible format automatically. For example, Word documents are converted to PDF and PowerPoints are converted to videos to play through the presentation.

Step 3: Click Save

If you uploaded a file from the first screen, it was automatically saved for you. Otherwise, click save and you’re done.

That’s it. You now have a course with content you can start assigning to anyone that needs it. If you don’t believe me, watch this short video to watch me go through the process in less than 1 minute.

Get started with a Free Trial today to create something for yourself.